Monday, October 31, 2016

#61 - Jack Thriller talks Beefing with 2 Chainz, Working with 50 Cent, Interviewing Tips

Mogul Jack Thriller started his career getting booed in Atlanta and has since become a self-made comedian, rapper, and sex show host with plans to build a platform for others to build their own empires. This interview full of insight and inspiration for anyone chasing their dreams.

Must Hear Talking Points:

• Getting seen by 50 Cent
• Early stand up comedy bombing stories
• Wearing a wig on stage
• Hooking up with porn stars
• What happened to his eye
• Becoming an entrepreneur at 16
• Being a bad male stripper
• The power of paying your dues
• Getting ripped off by Lil' Duval
• The viral 2 Chainz beef

Quotable Quotes:

  • “There were no funny interviewers before me. I changed the fucking game."
  • "I've always had the gift of gab."
  • "I was a stripper named Barb Wire."
  • "I never was above anything and always learning."
  • "Lil Duval was making 5K per show and pay me $100."

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