Monday, July 10, 2017

#91 - "Hacking Social Media with @YourSocialTeam"

This is a must listen for anyone wanting to boost their social media presence! Manu Muraro, founder of @YourSocialTeam, has cultivated a career developing successful online brands and is now sharing her secrets with Hot Breath! Tune-in and take note on this master class about social media!

Listeners can expect to learn in detail about:
  • Getting the "right" followers on social media
  • Content strategy
  • How to be entertaining on social media
  • Finding your audience
  • Biggest social media mistakes
  • Writing the right caption
  • Telling your story on social media
  • Why the quality of your content matters
  • How to plan your content to save time
  • The power of collaboration

Memorable Quotes:
  • "My number 1 advice is don't focus on the number of followers, focus on the quality."
  • "Social media is zapping through channels on your TV."
  • "Most accounts are missing the entertainment piece."
  • "On Instagram, your last twelve posts should represent every angle of your brand."
  • "Your captions should tell a short, detailed story."



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Your Social Team was founded in 2017 by Manu Muraro to help small brands DIY their social media.

Born and raised in Brazil, Manu moved to Atlanta for a job at Cartoon Network right ou of college, where she stayed for 15 years (at Cartoon, not in college). She had a lead role on the creative team for Cartoon Network’s International division. She wrote and produced original content, while managing a team of creatives and studying lava lamps (why do they move so slow, though?).

After a disagreement with one of the Powerpuff Girls (you guessed it, the grumpy one), Manu moved on to be the Marketing Director at King of Pops. At the beloved popsicle start-up, Manu headed the popular event King of Pops Free yoga in Park. She had an important role in company’s first re-brand and grew their Instagram presence over 500% in less than 2 years. All that while walking and chewing gum. Once she tried every King of Pops flavor – including the Chocolate Watermelon (which shows you the lengths she will go for the brands she loves), it was time to move on.

That’s when Your Social Team was born. Out of a desire to confuse people with possessive pronouns. Or rather, a passion to help small brands provide value and entertainment through social media, especially Instagram.