Monday, November 13, 2017

#108 - Freestyle Rapper Charron - Booking Wild n' Out, Battle Rap Tips, How to Network Business

Charron is one of the most feared battle rappers in music and now comedy. His one of a kind skills have taken him from international competitions to now a star on MTV's Wild n' Out. Listen to learn his freestyle rap secrets and how they can sharpen your day to day interactions. Enjoy!

Must Hear Talking Points:
  • Booking MTV’s Wild n’ Out
  • Jay Pharoah being a fan
  • Sneaking into Just for Laughs Festival
  • Working on Comedy Central’s Roast Battle
  • Rap battle culture
  • Winning rap battles
  • The power of “pause”
  • How to become a battle rapper
  • Similarities between rapping and telling jokes
  • Charron’s writing process
Quotable Quotes:
  • “I think a lot of gangster battle rappers are closeted homosexuals.”
  • “Bars over jokes”
  • “I saw 8-Mile and wanted to be a battle rapper.”
  • “My writing process makes me look schizophrenic.”
  • “I’m going to rap for 24 hours straight for Guinness World Records.”
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